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Hydration. How much water do I need?

How much water do I need?

Your body has water needs that must be maintained and carefully
monitored if you are to remain active and effective. The average-sized woman
should drink about nine, 8-ounce glasses of water a day and a man about twelve
glasses of water daily. This will naturally go up with increased exertion, and in
a hot environment water loss via sweating and imperceptible evaporation across
your skin could be very significant.An adult male living in a temperate climate
(most of the United States and Europe) will have need of approximately three
liters (quarts) of fluid a day. For adult women it is 2.2 liters a day…but it goes up
to three if she is pregnant or nursing. Others advise to drink half of your body
weight a day in ounces of water, so if you are 200 pounds then you will need to
drink 100 ounces of water daily or roughly three, 32-ounce bottles of water daily.


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