As a Prepper, what can I do for Hypothyroidism?


Most of what you need is to replace your iodine, that is critically important for your health overall and specifically your thyroid gland.  In the book, see pages 55 to 59 for a full discussion of iodine.

In other areas of the book I describe the importance of selenium for proper thyroid function, you need 200 mcg a day of selenium. It is very inexpensive and readily available in the vitamin section of any pharmacy. Selenium is responsible for the conversion of inactive T4 to active T3. It is very depleted in our soils along with all the minerals and trace elements.  The folks who live in areas with selenium poor soils have very high rates of cancer. Selenium is intimately involved with your immune system as well. Zinc is also required for this conversion of T4 to T3, usually 25 mg a day will do the trick.  Long term zinc supplementation must also be accompanied by 1 mg of copper daily, since it will eventually deplete your copper.

You will also need  B complex vitamins to aid in proper thyroid production along with the amino acid tyrosine which is essential for thyroid hormone production. However, if your diet is high in animal proteins you should be okay. In a survival situation who knows what your protein intake will be, so stock up on supplements.

Many of the thyroid support supplements actually have thyroid hormone in them and do not say that, a recent test showed nine out of ten contained it, usually from bovine sources. So you might want to stock up on them as well.

Remember thyroid hormone always has to be taken on an empty stomach.


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