Infected, Secrets from the Medical Underground – How You Can Prevent and Treat Any Infection –> Print and digital version


“…the point of this book, which is to teach you what you need to build your own immune wall, shielding your body from infection.”

Let this one fact sink into your soul, the only time you get any illness, including COVID-19, is when it overcomes your immune system!  That is the only way you get it. We will revisit that concept later in this chapter.


INFECTED: SECRETS FROM THE MEDICAL UNDERGROUND, will teach you how to prevent and treat ANY INFECTION you may encounter. Learn how the different systems of your body work to repel infections, and how you can enhance each one.

You will learn previously unknown methods to supercharge your body’s immune system, preventing most infections from ever starting. These are secrets only known to a handful of courageous doctors, who have done their own research, networked and discovered ways to “hack” your immunity. These are universal principles that will work to prevent any infection and are currently unknown.

Learn how to use over the counter items to “hack” your nebulizer, making it into an infection killing machine as well as a chronic disease healing dynamo.

Learn the secrets the medical underground uses to combine certain vitamins, minerals and plant-based nutrients and even over-the-counter meds into surprisingly potent treatments.

Discover the powerful, previously unknown ways the unconventional doctors of the medical underground use to prevent and treat any infection including COVID-19, colds, flu and urinary tract infections to name but a few. This ground-breaking book is ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED TO PREVENT AND TREAT ANY INFECTION, all without the use of any prescription medications.


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