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You need to have your own comprehensive guide of over 556 pages that cover almost every problem you would encounter. Yet “The Bible of Alternative Medicine” is more than that.  It teaches you not only how you should treat something, but why.

For example, did you know you should almost never treat a fever and more importantly why you should let a fever burn?

My intention in writing “The Bible of Alternative Medicine” was not to just make yet another book with lists of illnesses and clever alternative treatments, but rather to empower you, the patient; teaching you not only how to diagnose something, but what are the wisest, most effective treatments, and why they work.

To live a healthy life, you must understand your incredible body and not only how it works, but what happens when it doesn’t.

I have learned, over the years, that almost everyone takes vitamins and supplements wrong, and why they are not absorbing any of them. In the book you will learn not only how to take vitamins and nutraceuticals the right way, but why.

I love when my patients understand not only what I am treating them with but why, and that is what you will learn in “The Bible of Alternative Medicine”.

To your good health and happiness,

Dr. Ralph La Guardia


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