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PR Rocket on June 13, 2016 – MindStir Media Author Ralph La Guardia MD Becomes #1 Bestselling Author

MindStir Media’s Ralph La Guardia, author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine, has landed on several Amazon bestseller lists and is attracting glowing reviews.
The Doomsday Book of Medicine, a 910-page prepper medical guide released by MindStir Media LLC, recently landed on three Amazon bestseller lists including the Disaster Relief and Medical Encyclopedias lists. The book also sits atop the Alternative Medicine Reference list as the #1 bestseller in that category.
One Amazon reviewer praised The Doomsday Book of Medicine as “one of the most comprehensive guides.” Another reviewer describes the book as “the quintessential guide to preparing for doomsday, or living off the grid, or just learning about a myriad of things helpful in healthcare and first aid.”

MARK L LONGOBARDI DMD – Not just for preppers

I just finished reading this amazing book! It is one of the most comprehensive guides that I have read (and I have read many). It truly is an encyclopedia of self medical care and is over 900 pages LONG!!! He teaches the reader how to make soap, wound-care products, insecticide, sun block, toothpaste and so much more. It includes how to set up an emergency medical chest, with descriptions of everything you need to treat any medical problem that could arise. It also has a great reading list to further explore any of the subjects he writes about. Best of all, it’s easy to read and understand!!!

Debra Joy – it is an awesome reference!

This book is an encyclopedic length reference manual of over 900 pages , including everything you need to know to treat any medical problem from routine fevers to snakebites , there is even a chapter on Ebola .
The section on how to build your own medical chest is especially helpful so you will be able to treat problems when there are no doctors or medicine available. There is a large section on nutrition and how to grow healthy plants from the soil up . It also teaches you how to make everything you will need in a survival situation…..Soap, toothpaste, sunblock….For the Preppers, it is an awesome reference! For EVERYONE…it is an awesome guide to everyday needs too. VERY INTERESTING read…Prepper or not!

Leah Boccaccio – The Bible of Survival

This is an incredibly well-informed book which exceeds its intentions; the information is helpful for all situations, not just a post apocalyptic scenario. Whether you are an avid boater, private pilot, camper, hunter, or outdoorsman of any kind, the knowledge embedded throughout this book will prove itself useful. This should be a staple of anyone’s bug-out bag or home first-aid kit. It is written in such a way that is understandable to everyone, not just those in the medical profession. Definitely worth its weight — and it weighs a lot 😛


Sharon Campbell – Not Just For Prepper’s Only, Survival Guide

The Doomsday Book of Medicine, has something for everyone! It is a go-to-now book for those emergent times when you are not near a hospital or do not have medical personnel handy. Dr. Ralph clearly teaches step by step what to do when bit by animals, insects, snakes…ect. He identifies and explains what to do in those urgent care times such as fevers, head traumas, UTI’s, burns, dehydration, diarrhea, wound care, broken bones, diabetes.There are even informative teaching chapters on probiotics, amino acids, fish oils, vitamins, healthy fats from oils/seeds, and essential oils; preparing your body for a healthier you! After reading these 900 pages of important information, you will want all your loved ones and friends to have a copy of this book also. As a Home Care Nurse and a mother, I truly appreciate the labor of love that Dr. Ralph has put into this survival guide..

Queenie – Get this book!!!

I’m impressed. As an ICU/ER RN I was not sure I would get as much out of it as I did – but WOW this is the quintessential guide to preparing for doomsday, or living off the grid, or just learning about a myriad of things helpful in healthcare and 1st aide. No matter what you hope to get from this book, you’ll get that and much much more!!! I encourage you to buy it, read it cover to cover and give it to friends and loved ones as gifts. WOW

Javajive69 – MUST HAVE!!!

This is a must have reference book. It is written in easy to understand language and very well organized. After Hurricane Katrina everyone should have learned that when an disaster happens, you are on your own. The Government will NOT be there for YOU. So we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and loved one. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” It applies more today than ever before. Potential threats are more numerous than at any point in history. Dr. La Guardias’ book is a great place to start preparing. Example: It seemed that every winter I came down with one bug or another. I read the section on “Essential Health” and followed the recommendations. As a result, I got through this winter without so much as a sniffle! So read and prepare. A must have for any self reliant person, This book is overflowing with USEFUL information!

Stewart Littleton- I highly recommend this book

Dr. La Guardia does a very thorough job of describing effective alternatives to standard treatment for times when those methods are not available or out of reach. We all know the value of antibiotics when properly used to treat a wound infection but what if those antibiotics are needed yet not available? What do you do then? Well, Dr. La Guardia goes into detail on how to most effectively manage such things when the standard methods are not available and often using things that can be found in most households. This is exactly the sort of information people need access to; A sort of urban wilderness medicine book for when the urban setting becomes for all practical purposes, the wilderness.
Those who understand the value of being able to manage their own needs in times of scarcity will value the practical information in this book. A wide range of topics are covered and I found the alternatives suggested to be practical and based on sound reasoning that is widely in agreement with other trusted sources. I also appreciated Dr La Guardias easy to follow flow and writing style in this book. I highly recommend this book!

Nutbutter- Great book!

As advertised just passing glances inthe first few minutes after receiving it i gained valuable information. Great book!

Vixon- Exceeds my expectation!

Have had for at least a month and still learning something new.

William- Great Book!

a lot of info for the price

Tina R- This book is very useful in many different ways!

I really appreciate this site. They were quick to respond to an issue and they rectified it immediately! Very happy, and this book is very useful in many different ways.

A Happy customer- Worth it’s weight in Gold!

Great and easy read- worth it’s weight in gold for the advice given

Diana B- Good Book to have on Hand!

I haven’t read it yet. But it is thick and looks like it would be good to have on hand during a disaster.

Bob Jordan Dallas, Texas- Best Explanation of Practical Medicine.

I was a technical trainer for 10 years and love Dr. La Guardia”s teaching style. It is easy to read, very informative, with easily understood practical information. I love that he writes in a personal story style which feels like a small town personal doctor would use. He has cleared up many things that I had mis-learned or mis-understood in other popular writings. He provides more than one answer to most topics which allows me to find the answer that best speaks to my thinking and situation. Pharmaceuticals, essential oils, crisis planning, and common sense all integrated into personal wellness training.
Don”t let the Doomsday in the title throw you. The info is very practical for the here and now as well as after a crisis. This book serves as an easy to read story, reference book, and practical training medical book!

Jessica Stephens – MUST HAVE!!!

Well written,Easy to read, chock-full of useful information …This book is a must have for every personal library!

Webmaster – GREAT BOOK!

All in all, this book is a great resource to include in your survival library, with it describing many medical situations and illnesses that could easily happen to you on the road. These situations may not seem like a huge deal at the time, but without the help of a hospital, this book could be a lifesaver. My recommendation is to buy this book and keep it in the car or home for quick reference at a time when medical help might not be available right away. Better yet, put it in your survival storehouse for well, you know!

KYPrepper89- It is amazing to see what I was learning!

While reading The Doomsday Book of Medicine, it was amazing to see what all I was learning about. I can’t stress enough, the amount of information that is covered in this book. It’s also written in a way that’s very easy to understand. Not only does the author tell you about treatment or prevention options, but he also covers some of the anatomy of the area. It helps the person reading to understand what it is they’re actually working with.

This is a book that I am going to recommend everyone pick up. People in your group, be it a small or large group, are going to get sick or are going to suffer from some sort of disease. You need to know to how deal with it or how to prevent it from becoming a life threatening issue. Medical supplies will only get someone so far. Medicine expires and for the things that don’t, they do run out. Be prepared and be informed get your copy of The Doomsday Book of Medicine.

planpreparesurvive- He even answers your medical questions.!

Our favorite and most trusted source for all things medical is Dr. Ralph LaGuardia. He is the author of the best book of medicine that we have come across, The Doomsday Book of Medicine. Not only that, his site offers resources for your medical needs. He even answers your medical questions. The Must Have Book In Your Bug Out Bag

The Must Have Book In Your Bug Out Bag The guide to survive without medicine or doctors. What will you do in a situation where society has collapsed, there are no doctors or medicine available, and all pharmacies and hospital are emptied by other in the search for medicine.
Usually there is no problem to survive in a disaster scenario, but how will you treat injuries or some kind of medical emergency. For how long can you stay alive in these situations?
This book is the ultimate lexicon and it will teach everything you need to know to stay healthy without doctors or medicine. The book is written by Dr, La Guardia who has spent decades searching for substitute for prescription medicine.
You will be amazed how many ways there are to get help from nature and with a little bit of knowledge. The book is full of information in an easy to read format and illustrations that could very well save your life in an emergency situation. Easy to pack in your BOB.


Absolutely excellent book, loaded with easy to understand information. A must for any household, preppers or not.

Patrick Quillin -This book should have been called “The Replacement for Obamacare”

This is an excellent book on self-reliance in maintaining your body. I have written 17 books on the subjects of health that have sold over 2 million copies. One of my books, Healing Nutrients, was an effort in the direction of Dr. LaGuardia’s book. The title of this book is somewhat self-limiting. This book could have been called: “The replacement for Obama Care”, or “What to do when you doctor is not around”, or “How to take care of your body”, or “The pioneer’s book of medicine”. Read this book. Keep it nearby. Whether we have some major disruption of services or not, this book will serve you and your family well for decades.

Dale W Hudson -Absolutely THE BEST prepper medicine book!

I wish that there was a six star option. I’m a dentist, and I have just enough medical knowledge to be dangerous. This marvelous book has so far exceeded my expectations that I am amazed that so much useful knowledge can be packed into one book! Hats off to Dr. La Guardia! The information in this book can be used immediately to improve your health, and expand your treatment options in many areas even if there is never a crisis event for you and your loved ones. The panorama of medical, herbal, and traditional treatments in one easy reference makes this one a MUST HAVE! for everyone interested in health options and preppers/survivalists in particular. Cannot recommend it more highly. If you can only buy one medical reference book, this is IT!

P. Hadamon -I received this book as a gift, and I couldn’t be happier

I received this book as a gift, and I couldn’t be happier. I always knew that food played a direct role in ones health. Lets face it, it would be easier on you to stay healthy than it would be to try to treat an illness after the poop hits the fan. I especially like the section on how farms have been depleted of trace elements due to the use of fertilizers over the years. Dr. La Guardia goes into detail about how to replace those nutrients in your soil in order to grow fruits and vegetables with the most nutritional value.

IRAIDA RIVERA- What a great book!

What a great book! It cover stuff that I wasn’t even expecting, I can’t stop reading everybody should have this book in the house and excellent price. Thanks Dr La Guardia!!

Patty LeGault -Incredible read! A must for reference!

This book far exceeded my expectations. It reads like a novel but can be used as a reference for everything imaginable. As an RN, I am truly in awe of the simple, everyday cures to any ailment. It is unreal how much I loved this book! A must read and have for every library.

Susan – Dr. LaGuardia’s Doomsday Book of Medicine

Excellent information in Dr. LaGuardia’s book, which offers practical advice for today as well as the post apocalyptic setting.

Diana Blanke -But it is thick and looks like it would be good to have on hand during …

I haven’t read it yet. But it is thick and looks like it would be good to have on hand during a disaster.

Uncle Bud -Good Information!

Lots of information.