In a survival situation when Rx are not available, how can I treat schizophrenia and other mental illnesses


Quetiapine as you know is primarily used for the treatment of schizophrenia. In my book the Doomsday Book of Medicine I have an entire chapter dedicated to mental health problems , primarily anxiety and depression. However, that being the natural treatments I utilize are useful for the health of your brain in general , which inadvertently will help with schizophrenia as well as anxiety and depression .

The reason for this is that once you supply the brain with all the nutrients it needs it helps it self correct so to speak. It does this by producing all the neurotransmitters it needs to properly function . The brain needs many nutrients but the most essential ones are the B vitamins ( esp. B6) , magnesium , omega 3 fatty acids and calcium. It also in my opinion benefits from the supplementation of the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements. Minerals such as lithium work wonders for brain health and have been used for years to treat mental disorders of many types. In my practice I have found that once you supply all of these it inevitably produces a calming effect upon the brain , decreasing its inflammation and thus many of the mental illnesses that accompany that. It however does not work over night and may take a few months before the full effect is felt , depending on how severe the underlying disturbance was to begin with. Iodine is another element which helps brain health ,along with zinc.

You also need to reduce your intake of toxins from non organically grown foods and increase your healthy saturated fat intake. Yes, I said saturated fats, your brain is a very fatty organ and needs the proper fats ( omega 3 fatty acids and others) to properly function. PEO’s or parent essential oils are wonderful brain food and can be found on Amazon .

One of the best brain foods and fuel available is organic coconut oil . Coconut oil provides medium chain amino acids which easily cross the blood brain barrier and provide essential nutrients and food for the brain. Make sure you buy organic coconut oil that way you are not getting a load of toxins along with it.

In the book I go into great detail on many other treatments including theanine and gaba , kava , valerian , 5htp and many others. I have written it purposely in a very patient friendly style that is easy to read and understand.

For further information, please read the section of Niacin.



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