Why did I write Doomsday Book of Medicine


Q: Why did you write the book?  /  What was your specific purpose?

A: I wrote the Doomsday Book of Medicine because of the absolute lack of good , practical medical guides for Preppers. I have been a Prepper for years and all the books I bought were just elaborate first aid manuals.  The authors were well intention-ed , but just fell well short of what is needed.  They were full of useless impractical advise .  For example, people with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension are told to stockpile their meds .  Really ?  Does anyone know an insurance company that will even give you your meds a week early ?  And that begs the question, What do you do when they run out ?  I give readers a bunch of choices for treating every condition from head to toe, fevers to concussions , headaches to ingrown toenails , including chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. In fact , for Diabetes I give 22 different ways to treat it , all over the counter, natural , non prescription treatments .  For Hypertension I give fifteen ways to treat it.  There is no other book on the market that gives sane, practical advise like this for Preppers.

My purpose was to provide a complete self help medical guide for  anyone who finds themselves in a survival situation , as situation in which there are no doctors or medications available.  It teaches you the anatomy of each area and then what could go wrong with it , and finally , how to treat it, with a slew of different choices.
Q:Who is your intended audience?  /  For whom is this book most helpful?
A: The intended audience of my book is quite large , in fact it is for everyone who wants to be empowered to treat themselves ,or at least to understand how to go about it , if they had to rely upon themselves , or to treat their friends and loved ones.   The Doomsday Book of Medicine is also a complete alternative medicine guide, in which I explore all the alternative treatments currently available , and many that few people know. I have spent over 30 years reading every book I could find on alternative , natural treatments and make all of that available to my readers , in a friendly , lite manner that can be read by anyone , without the need for any medical training.
Q: Briefly describe your medical experience  /  professional background.
A: I have been a medical doctor for 32 years , I am triple specialized in Internal Medicine , Bariatrics ( weight loss and nutrition ) and Geriatrics . I also practice what is known as Integrative Medicine , which is the combination of the best of traditional and the best of alternative treatments. It is a very practical , effective method of treating patients , which empowers the patients to participate in their own healing. I also am very knowledgeable in nutrition and the use of minerals, trace elements , vitamins , fats, amino acids  and enzymes  in the prevention and treatment of disease.
Q: Does someone need to have medical knowledge to read, and to apply, this book?
A: No medical knowledge at all is needed to read this book. It is written in a very clear way and anytime I use a term I think my readers might not understand , I include a definition of it within parentheses immediately after the term.  The book is also jam packed with anatomical drawings and photos to make it more easily understood. It educates the reader in an easy to read manner and includes a long suggested reading list at the end if you want to explore any topics further.
Q: What makes this book distinctive or different than others in the field?
A: There is no book like the Doomsday Book of Medicine.  First of all , it is several books in one, it teaches survival gardening , alternative medicine including herbal medicine , essential oils and cutting edge technological devices like Scenar and the Tenant Biomodulator. It is also a manual for medical self care , chock full of anatomical drawings and many different ways to treat any condition that you many encounter.  The reason I give so many methods for treating various conditions is because preppers will not have Amazon to order from, their survival  medicine chest ( that I show them how to build ) will need various options , all non prescription. The other books out there , although I am sure are written by well intentioned authors are just elaborate first aid manuals , nothing more. The Doomsday Book of Medicine is also twice as long as any other book out there, at over 900 pages. It also does what no other book does, it teaches you how to maintain excellent health in a survival situation, even teaching you how to make your own soap , insecticide, wound dressing , poultices , toothpaste and sunblock among others. It gives practical advise written for laymen , easy to read and understand. No other book can even come close to providing the information that it contains.
Q: Please share some reactions people had when you first told them you were writing this book.
A: Most people reacted very kindly to my telling them I was writing this book . I have found that prepping has really become mainstream to a certain degree most people I know even though they do not identify themselves as preppers , but they are stockpiling food , water , guns and ammo. Just look at the record gun sales since president Obama has taken office. People do not feel safe, they are not stupid , they know our government is incompetent and will never protect us , those days are long gone.
Q: Since medical technology changes continuously, how will this book remain relevant and useful many years from now?
A: At the risk of sounding like I am bragging , I think this book will become a classic among Prepper books .  The information it contains is timeless , it was relevant hundreds of years ago and will remain relevant for a very long time.  The treatments are natural, such as herbs, essential oils , plant based treatments , dietary changes etc, none of which changes . There is very little technology in the book , in fact only one of the last chapters, the rest does not depend upon technology at all.
Q: Can someone actually use this book in a survival situation when resources are limited?
A:   I wrote this book with the prepper father or husband or group leader in mind . Alone in your safe bug out location , well armed and well provisioned with food and water . What does that fellow do when his wife , or child or best friend becomes seriously ill ?  Before the Doomsday Book of Medicine there was nothing he could do . Now he is empowered and can open the book to the chapter that describes the problem he is facing , where it will teach him the anatomy and then the problems that can arise , and finally will give him 10 or more ways to treat it . Without this book , all the prepping in the world will be wasted when you are watching your loved ones slowly dying and you feel utterly powerless. Now you have a wonderful book that you can use to help anyone.  This book was written with this fellow in mind, stuck in a survival situation with limited knowledge and resources.
Q: After a long medical career, how do you rank this book as a professional achievement, compared to so many lives you have helped and things you have done?

A: After more than thirty years of practicing medicine , I have to say that I gain immense satisfaction from hearing about how my book has helped so many people.  Many have read it from cover to cover and have told me that they have learned so much , for an author that is very gratifying and hence I rate writing The Doomsday Book of Medicine as one of my greatest achievements.


Q: Why medicine? Shouldn’t we be primarily concerned with nuclear fallout, military invasion, shelter, food and water?

A: Listen preppers have traditionally been very adept at stockpiling food , water and weapons , as well as building safe locations from which they plan to defend themselves and their families. However , up to now they have been without any good survival medicine books that go beyond first aid and little other advise.  As a consequence , that was the gaping hole in their prepping , a hole that was a real problem , one that most likely would affect their very survival. Medical prepping is the most important step , injuries and disease will be rampant in a post apocalyptic society and will most likely kill vast numbers of people . I was frustrated and frankly incensed by the shoddy books being sold for high prices to preppers , they were a rip off. As a  physician prepper who has spent over thirty years researching all over the world for alternative methods of treatment , I felt I was uniquely qualified to write this book and so I did. From the responses I have gotten my fellow preppers seem to heartily agree.

Q: How long did it take you to write the Doomsday Book of Medicine?

A:Once I made up my mind to actually sit down and write The Doomsday Book of Medicine , it took me about a year to get it on paper and edit it to its current form . However , keep in mind that I spent over 30 years gathering all the information , testing many of the treatments and weeding out the best ones for my readers.

Q: What are your favorite components of the book?

A: It is hard for me to identify favorites , because the entire book is a compilation of my favorite treatments for various problems.  However, if I had to make a choice my favorites are :  Activated Charcoal , Honey Supreme Fulvic and Quinton’s Marine Plasma .  They all had multiple uses and have a beautiful simplicity to them , either nourishing or detoxifying the body as well.