Doomsday Book of Medicine

0996461590-frontcoverA Prepper’s Guide to Self Medical Care
A 900+ Page Encyclopedia of Medical and Nutritional Knowledge

What are you going to do when there are no doctors or prescription drugs available? How are you going to survive after the collapse of society, with all that chaos, when the pharmacies are looted and most doctors will have no way to treat you? How are you and your loved ones going to survive

In this fascinating book, you will learn the secrets Dr. La Guardia spent 30 years researching, reading obscure books and medical reports, combing the world’s medical literature, finding how to treat chronic medical problems like diabetes and hypertension and others, as well as everyday problems like colds and flu… All without prescription drugs.

Learn the secrets to keeping you and your family strong, healthy and most importantly disease-free.

Learn the health secrets that will make your body resistant to almost any infection and if you do get an infection, how to recover as quickly as possible.

Learn how to grow the most nutritious foods without dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

Learn how eating the right foods can actually change how your genes function, from disease creating to disease protection.

Learn what 99% of vitamin and supplement users are doing wrong that is causing them not to absorb almost everything they are taking.

What you can take to prevent the flu that is 8x more powerful than the flu vaccine.

The dirty secret to robust good health that is right below your feet.

Learn about the amino acid that can help lower your anxiety and depression as well as eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol.

An antioxidant that is 6,000x as powerful as Vitamin C.

A weed that is the perfect food and can also make biofuel to power your car.

The cooking waste that you are throwing out, that is the secret to joint and bone health.

The seed that protects your brain from radiation damage.

The common yard weed you can use to bandage wounds and keep them infection-free.

How to get rid of your migraine with an item that is probably already in your refrigerator.

Learn how minerals and trace elements activate your body’s enzymes and vitamins unlocking their full potential.

Learn the natural way to have your children grow up strong, sane and healthy without ADHD and the need for Ritalin and other mind-altering drugs.

Learn how to make the everyday items you will need to stay healthy, everything from soap and toothpaste to sunblock and wound dressings.

Learn the natural ways to treat every disease, without prescription medications and their side effects.

Learn about the herb that is as strong as Zyrtec and non-sedating.

Learn about the incredibly strong antiviral native plant that saved Native Americans from the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918, while others died in the millions.

The perfect health drink that comes from deep ocean waters.

A Natural medicine that will control your diabetes better than prescriptions.

A fruit that will help your chronic gastritis and reflux.

A cleaning product that will control your arthritis and make your bones rock hard.

A common kitchen item that will help control your diabetes.

Learn how best to prevent an Ebola infection and what to do if you do get it.

This book also teaches you how to make your own supplies such as: soap, insecticide, sunblock, wound care products, toothpaste, and essential oils.

Doomsday Book of Medicine

What are you and your family going to do after a collapse of society when there are no doctors and medications available, and the pharmacies and hospitals have been looted? You can prepare for every disaster scenario, but if you are not able to treat medical emergencies and injuries that arise, how long will you last?

Table of Contents
0996461590-frontcoverPart One: The Basics You Need to Know

Chapter One: Essential Health Practices

Chapter Two: Soil to Self: The Key to Vigorous Good Health

Chapter Three: Vitamins and Your Nutrition

Chapter Four: Seed Oils and Their Numerous Health Benefits

Chapter Five: Fermentation and Fermented Foods
Part Two: Some Essential Tools

Chapter Six: Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Chapter Seven: DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)

Chapter Eight: Epsom Salt, Alkaline Minerals, Alkaline Water and the Health Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Chapter Nine: Honey

Chapter Ten: Potassium Iodide and Radiation Exposure

Chapter Eleven: Vinegar and its Many Medicinal Uses

Chapter Twelve: Wood Ash, Lye, Soap and Activated Charcoal
Part Three: What’s Your Problem?

Chapter Thirteen: Fever

Chapter Fourteen: Concussions, Head Trauma, Strokes and Seizures

Chapter Fifteen: Fainting, Passing Out, Loss of Consciousness or Syncope

Chapter Sixteen: Headache

Chapter Seventeen: The Eye

Chapter Eighteen: The Ear

Chapter Nineteen: The Nose

Chapter Twenty: Oral Hygeine, Dental Care, Canker Sores, Throat Infections and Tonsillitis

Chapter Twenty One: Skin Problems

Chapter Twenty Two: Bites: Animal, Human, Insect, Snake and Scorpion

Chapter Twenty Three: Burns

Chapter Twenty Four: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

Chapter Twenty Five: Wound Care

Chapter Twenty Six: Constipation

Chapter Twenty Seven: Diarrhea and its Treatment

Chapter Twenty Eight: Nausea and Vomiting

Chapter Twenty Nine: Dehydration

Chapter Thirty: Arthritis, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches, Ligament and Tendon Injuries and Gout

Chapter Thirty One: Orthopedic Injuries: Broken Bones and Joint Injuries

Chapter Thirty Two: Asthma, Allergies and Breathing Problems

Chapter Thirty Three: Colds, Flu and Respiratory Tract Infections

Chapter Thirty Four: Anxiety and Depression

Chapter Thirty Five: Diabetes

Chapter Thirty Six: Hypertension or High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Chapter Thirty Seven: Foot: Care of Your Feet and Foot Problems

Chapter Thirty Eight: Urinary Tract Infections, Herpes and Vaginal Yeast Infections

Chapter Thirty Nine: Ebola
Part Four: Odds and Ends

Chapter Forty: Useful Medical Devices for Preppers

Chapter Forty One: Sterilization
Part Five: Your Survival Medicine Chest Bibliography and Suggested Reading List